Sunday, February 25, 2018

Review: Playmaker

Playmaker Playmaker by L.P. Dover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Talk about one seriously hawt book!! Two years ago while in Vegas Maddox and “Paige” have a wild time that ends with them getting married by an Elvis impersonator. When Maddox wakes up the next day, she’s disappeared with all the proof of their wedding. He finally tracks down the woman he married (she kind of fibbed on her signature) only to discover she’s the sister of one of his teammates. When they run into each other, she pretends not to recognize him and he goes along with it, seething the whole time. Most of his team is finally coming around to him (he was an a**hole because off the way his father was), but if they find out that he’s been married to Lacey, there’s no telling how they’d react.

Lacey didn’t want to be married to a hockey star. She knows what they’re like, having grown up around them. They chase anything in a skirt. When she meets Maddox, she knows that he’s just the same, chasing anything with a skirt and a smile. That’s why she ran away after the wedding. Now, she’s in a predicament. Both her brother and Maddox are on the same team, and she’s bound to run into him. She’s seen all the gossip rags, all the pictures of him with different women and knows she’s made the right choice. She just needs to put on a brave face when she’s around him.

Things come to a head when Maddox confronts Lacey right before her bothers wedding. He bares his soul and it’s up to Lacey to figure things out. Can this couple make things work and stick it out for the long haul?

This is the first book in this series I’ve read (it’s a standalone), but now I need to have the first two book!! L.P. Dover is one of my favorite writers, to me she can do no wrong. She’s done faeries, UFC fighters, football, racing, shifters, and contemporary romance, and I’m a fan of it all!

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