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Playing House Release

Playing House
by J. Haney
New Adult Polyamorous Romance

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I was born and raised in Kentucky. I reside in Greenup County, Kentucky with my family. My debut novel, An Unexpected Love, released August 2015. I’m a single momma to my nine-year-old daughter, Jessalyn Kristine. I also take care and homeschool my autistic cousin, Aiden Sean, he’s ten years old. I love photography and seeing what I can capture through the lens! I’ve been plus size modeling for over a year and have been on multiple pattern covers now. Both kids model as well, I suppose you can call us “One Big Modeling Family”. I’m probably the biggest book whore, I know. I love books of all genres and get excited when I’m introduced to a new author. I’m often told I act like a kid in the candy shop, which I could totally see!

Hey you, remember me? Yea, I’m that girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Yes, that one with two lovers. Sheesh is that all I’ll ever be known as now? Last you heard from me I was moving in with one of my lovers. Remember how I said my life wasn’t like an 80’s movie? I was kind of wrong, because I did find my knight only mine came in two.

My life now is not all pizza and beers for our little triad. As per usual my jacked-up past has come calling back at me. Yeah, you know the one I’m talking about or should I say hate talking about.

Suppose you should come on and find out what I’m going on about.

*Trigger Warning
**Sexual Abuse
****Erotic Themes incl: M/M M/F/M
*****Drug Use

Copyright © 2017 J. Haney Playing House (A Heart Strings Love Affair, Book 2)
Between dealing with my father’s house and the guys breathing down my neck, I need a break. I run upstairs for my shoes, then wait for them to settle in. Clayton takes off and Vic’s messing around in the kitchen when I barrel out the door.
I head for the one place I know I can get rid of this stress. I see Clayton, so I push down a little harder on the gas, drop the gearshift, and fly past him. I just need space every now and then. Since I moved in with Clayton, I don’t get a lot of me time. I’m always split between Vic and Clayton, except when Wayde and Adam are joining us.
I pull up to a place out by the warehouses where we like to drag race. It’s a bit of old road that comes to a dead end that no one uses anymore. Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran, Duran is playing on the radio when I roll down the window to let Mike know that I want in on the action tonight. I hand him two hundred to place my bet, then head for the line, no clue who I’m facing off against. That is till I pull up to the line and I’ll be damned if Harmand isn’t sitting in the car beside me. Fucker must have got a new car because I haven’t seen this one before. It’s a silver Mustang, brand new, and I’m sure it’s got all the bells and whistles under the hood. Too bad, though, it ain’t got shit on my Hemi.
Harmand motions for me to roll down my window, so I do. “You ready to lose, Princess?” he shouts, revving his engine.
“I ain’t losing shit. You need to go back and tell them you need to change spots because the chick that whipped your ass is about to do it again.”
“Come on now, Princess, don’t you want to play a little? I know you used to love playing with me.”
“Pig. Can’t you find someone else to pester?”
“Not tonight. Oh, I meant to tell you, I can’t wait for next weekend. It’s that time again.”
I roll up my window, I don’t want to listen to it anymore. I know what he’s talking about, but I don’t live there anymore, so he’s going to be shit out of luck.
Mike taps the hoods and we roll down the windows as he goes over the rules. “To the dividers and back, first one over the line wins!” he shouts over the crowd of kids. Cars are lined up on both sides of the drag, all up and down the line, their headlights beaming, showing the trail. I nod, gripping the steering wheel.
“Ready to eat my dust, Princess?” Harmand shouts.
“Suck my cock!” I yell back as Giselle steps out in front of us to set us up. I’m half tempted to aim for her. She puts her arms up and with a twist of her hips, drops the flags and we go.
I drop into second fast, turning it up as Harmand gains on me at the midpoint, we are neck and neck as we approach the divider. I hit third and slam past him, my tires squealing as I pop up on two wheels, making the sharp turn. I floor it as I see him gaining on me again. Just when I think I’ve got him beat, he grabs my drift and is right alongside me. I glance at him and I can see it in his eyes, he’s gonna slam me. He cocks the wheel and I have to turn to avoid getting hit. I feel the front-end slip. Fuck, I’ve hit a patch of ice! BAM! I’m in the ravine and smoke and metal are twisting up around me. My chest hits the steering column, but the seatbelt keeps me in place.
Fuck, that hurt. Kids are running up to me as I unbuckle and Mike pulls me out of the car. “My baby,” I say, kicking out as Mike grabs hold of me, pulling me back as the fire starts. He drags me up the ravine as kids look on and to my horror, the car goes up in flames. I can hear the doors all around me slamming shut, tires squealing as they all hightail it out of there, all the while somebody is screaming. Turns out that somebody is me.


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Monday, July 10, 2017

Murder in the Forbidden City

Murder in the Forbidden City
by Amanda Roberts
When one of the Empress's ladies-in-waiting is killed in the Forbidden City, she orders Inspector Gong to find the killer. Unfortunately, as a man, he is forbidden from entering the Inner Court. How is he supposed to solve a murder when he cannot visit the scene of the crime or talk to the women in the victim's life? He won't be able to solve this crime alone.
The widowed Lady Li is devastated when she finds out about the murder of her sister-in-law, who was serving as the Empress's lady-in-waiting. She is determined to discover who killed her, even if it means assisting the rude and obnoxious Inspector Gong and going undercover in the Forbidden City.
Together, will Lady Li and Inspector Gong be able to find the murderer before he - or she - strikes again?
Readers who enjoy historical mysteries by authors such as Victoria Thompson, Deanna Raybourn, and Anne Perry are sure to love this exciting start to a new series by Amanda Roberts.
“Inspector,” the empress finally said, silencing the room. “Are you saying you think I could be in danger?”
“I do not know, Your Majesty,” he said. “But I can rule nothing out. I do not know if Lady Yun was the target of the killer’s rage or if she only got in the way. I do not know if the killer has fled or if he, or she, is within this very room.” Another round of gasps followed. “What I do know,” he continued, “is that this investigation should be the court’s priority, and to do my job properly, to bring the killer to justice, I need to be allowed into the Inner Court of the women.”
The empress opened her mouth to speak, but she was interrupted by a court minister by the name of Song. “No!” he said firmly. “It is forbidden and improper. You cannot violate the sacred space of the women’s quarters. To do so would be as violating the women themselves.”
“Minister,” Inspector Gong nearly laughed. “Investigating a murder would hardly be the same as taking a woman to bed…at least in my case.” Several of the other men laughed.
“This is no laughing matter,” Minister Song erupted. “If you cannot do your job from outside of the Inner Court, then you are not worthy of your title and should be stripped of your rank and salary immediately!”
“Now, see here, Minister…” the inspector began.
“I agree,” another minister interrupted. “Is his job worth doing if it violates the integrity of the empress?”
Several other men spoke up in agreement.
“Enough,” the empress finally said, her voice clear and even. The room went quiet. She was calm now. Even her hands were steady. “I agree this case should be of the utmost importance. My own safety and the safety of the emperor rely on it.”
“Thank you, Your Majesty,” Inspector Gong replied.
“However,” she continued, “we cannot allow this killer, whoever he is, disrupt our lives and the way things are done. Tradition and court procedure are at the very center of the throne and the country. I have to agree with the ministers. You cannot be allowed to enter the Inner Court, Inspector.”
“So you will allow a killer to go free?” he asked. “Allow a murderer to perhaps roam your very halls?”
“No,” she said. “You will find the killer. And you will do so quickly to ensure that my son is safe. You will have everything you need at your disposal, but you will do so from outside the Inner Court.”
Amanda Roberts is a writer and editor who has been living in China since 2010. Amanda has an MA in English from the University of Central Missouri. She has been published in magazines, newspapers, and anthologies around the world and she regularly contributes to numerous blogs. Amanda can be found all over the Internet, but her home is TwoAmericansinChina.com.
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Black Mountain Pack Series Blast

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Black Mountain Pack Series
By Miranda Lynn
Paranormal Romance

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Time Travel and Paranormal Romance author. Her Destiny series takes you on a roller coaster ride through time with sexy Highlanders and sassy female heroines. If shifters are your kryptonite then check out her Black Mountain Pack series which throws a twist on the traditional shifter lore.

Miranda is a mother to two teenage boys who are sure they know it all, a 75lb lapdog, a 15lb foot warmer, and a cat that most days plans her demise. She is thankful her husband  doesn't mind the extra voices in her head. Miranda is an only child who grew up on a dairy farm in Illinois which left her plenty of time to make up stories in her head for entertainment. She currently resides in Tennessee where she wonder if Mother Nature will ever stop with the hormonal mood swings. She fuels herself with coffee, chocolate, and wine.

Casey grew up in the foster care system and it wasn’t easy. A whirlwind of events after she ages out shows her why. Her repressed shifter side emerges with the help of her soon to be mate and his pack. She does her best to learn who and what she as while under the pressure of being hunted by her biological father and his pack.

Mack has been searching for his adopted sister for years after her kidnapping and thinks he has finally found her. His shifter side on the other hand thinks they have found their mate. Fate throws them together in the midst of an oncoming battle and Mack lets instinct take over and follows his heart.

When the truth comes out the mating instinct takes over and together Mack and Casey change the rules of shifter laws once again.


Rook is headed to Paratay unaware of the horrors that await him.

Reuniting with old friend and old secrets in the dark hear of Brazil he finds a world of lies designed to keep him from his true mate Jasmine.

Hidden behind the Alpha's doors, Jasmine waits for her chance for freedom. Finding her mate in the process is an unexpected surprise.

It's a dangerous world, but Rook will risk it all to purge the pride of evil, bond with Jasmine, and help the new Alpha, Casey, take her place as their first female leader.

Follow Rook to the edge of adventure- and beyond.

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