Saturday, December 2, 2017

DNSBookaholics Presents 25 Days of Christmas: Day 2

The Second day of Christmas brings 14 Day Blog Tour for $22.50! 

v  Sending invites to over 450 bloggers and readers to participate in reveal.
v  Book Blurb, Cover, Author Bio, Social Media Links, Goodreads Link, Order Links and all other info provided by the author. (Please note I am an amazon affiliate so will use my own Amazon links)
v  Blog Tour will be posted on my FB page (Currently at about 3,785 fans) each day
v  Blog Tour will be posted on Twitter (currently almost 379 followers) each day
v  My promotions team will post it in several groups
v  Media Kit will be provided that will include cover, teasers, custom banner, and all wording. No HTML provided for both Blogger and WordPress
v  Promoted on our Pinterest Page each day
v  Custom Blog Tour Banner
v  Blog Tour with review option is an additional $15.00 

v  Will be one of our spotlight authors daily on the Facebook Page for 1 week  
The subject line should say: 
DNSBookholics  First Day of Christmas - Author Name 
Inside please include any questions and PayPal Email! 
This offer only lasts for 24 hours. 

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