Monday, September 12, 2016

Review: Advance

Advance Advance by K.A. Duggsy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Crystal's 5 Star Review
This is the first book in the series and boy is it a good one!! Faith is a reporter in the new world. She is approached by a homeless looking man one day who had a very intriguing story to tell. He was witness to the kidnapping of homeless people by Advance Industries. It seems that Advance Industries seems to be the company running the entire world, so uncovering this would be huge for Faith’s career. As she investigates, Faith uncovers a huge mess. People are covering things up and liars are exposed. Faith no longer knows who to trust and is in danger. Will she be able to save herself and the others like her?

I definitely recommend the reading of this book. There is so much intrigue that I became invested almost immediately. The writing is superb, I found myself not wanting to put the book down. K. A. Duggsy drew me in and kept me involved all the way through. The story flows nicely and never gets boring. I can’t wait to read book 2! Thank you so much K.A. Duggsy!! You have a new fan!!

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